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When the third molars or the wisdom teeth grow, they can cause all kinds of issues. Wisdom teeth are typically the final set of adult teeth to present themselves, usually coming out when a person is a teen or young adult. 


The position in the mouth, right at the very back, can mean that the wisdom teeth cause problems and need to be removed. As they tend to be problematic teeth, wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure here at TCare Dental Centre.

When To Remove Wisdom Teeth

Not all wisdom teeth need to be removed. Wisdom teeth need removal in some of these cases:

  • The emergence of the wisdom teeth has caused pain
  • The soft tissue behind the lower last tooth frequently becomes infected
  • If tumours begin to occur
  • The wisdom teeth begin to cause damage to other nearby teeth
  • Gum disease begins to occur
  • Extensive tooth decay is being detected

When an impacted wisdom tooth starts to push through the gums, an infection can start around the top of the tooth. Infection and inflammation (swollen red gums) can cause pain, swelling and jaw stiffness.


Cysts, which are sacks of fluid, can develop all around a tooth and may cause it to shift. The cysts can harm gums and other teeth while also destroying bone.

Damage To Nearby Molars

An impacted wisdom tooth may keep pushing against the molars next to it. This often leads to a serious damage to both teeth.


A wisdom tooth may push nearby teeth out of their correct position and may help to cause crowding of front teeth.

If the wisdom teeth aren’t causing problems, there is no reason to take them out. At TCare Dental Centre, our dentists will be able to pick up on any problems your wisdom teeth may cause early on during your regular check-up, possibly before you start to notice any symptoms of discomfort yourself.

How Are Wisdom Teeth Removed?

At TCare Dental Centre, we are sure to monitor the development of wisdom teeth using radiographs as part of our dental check-ups. With regular evaluation, we can help determine whether your wisdom teeth will emerge naturally or if they are likely to cause problems or discomfort and require intervention

Sedation For Wisdom Teeth Removal

At TCare Dental Centre, we understand how dental anxiety can make receiving oral health care difficult. We offer sedated dentistry to help put your mind at ease, allowing you to get the dental care you need without the stress.

Sectioning Wisdom Teeth

This is when the wisdom tooth is broken into pieces to make extraction easier. The sectioned pieces are removed one by one until the entire tooth has been extracted. Sectioning is often required when a lot of force would be required to extract a tooth, making the process easier on the jaws or cums. A broken or severely decayed tooth may also require sectioning.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Aftercare

After your procedure, we recommend taking some time to rest. Your dentist will give you a list of post-procedure instructions and medication recommendations that we advise you follow closely for a straightforward healing process.

Dry-socket After Wisdom Teeth Removal


When a healing clot that covers the extraction site becomes dislodged, it can cause a lot of discomfort and draw out the healing process. Our dentists will give you instructions on how to avoid dry-socket (for instance, not smoking, eating soft foods, etc.). You should reach out if you have any concerns following your wisdom teeth removal.

Food /Drink After Wisdom Teeth Removal

For the first two days, stick to soft foods like yogurt, soup, apple sauce, ice cream and such. Eating cold foods can help ease any pain or discomfort. On day three, you can start trying out easy foods like eggs, toast and oatmeal. You can continue to increase solid foods as long as you don’t experience any discomfort.

Why You Should Choose TCare Dental Centre For Your Wisdom Teeth Removal

As members of the Australian Dental Association (ADA) and an accredited dental practice by Quality Innovation Performance (QIP), you can trust TCare Dental Centre to manage your oral health and wisdom teeth removal.

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