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All On X NeoArch Implant is an investment, so it’s important to ensure you’re comfortable with your chosen financing plan. Before committing to any contract, we encourage you to take your time to do your research and fully understand the details. And, of course, our team is always here to help you! 


With this in mind, we offer the following finance options for those who qualify (keep in mind that terms and conditions apply, and the availability may depend on your location):



SuperCare is an innovative service in Australia that helps individuals apply for the Early Release of their Superannuation (Super) to cover medical procedures, including All On X NeoArch Implant

SuperCare acts as an intermediary, guiding you through the process of applying for the Early Release of your Super. 

This service can be a valuable aid in managing the cost of All On X NeoArch Implant procedure.

TLC & Medi Pay

TLC (Total Lifestyle Credit) and Medi Pay offer a payment plan solution for your healthcare needs, including dental procedures like All On X NeoArch Implant. They provide a straightforward approach to finance with no hidden fees or charges, ensuring that you’re fully aware of your financial commitment. 

With flexible payment options and quick approval times, They can offer a great choice to help make your All On X NeoArch Implant procedure more affordable.

Balancing Quality and Affordability

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At TCare Dental Centre, we are committed to providing high-quality and affordable services to our patients. We believe everyone deserves to smile and enjoy the freedom of sturdy, reliable dental implants. These finance options are our way of helping more Australians avoid the inconvenience of removable dentures and instead embrace a more permanent, convenient solution. 

All On X NeoArch Implant has enhanced many patients’ quality of life, improved their oral health and restored their sense of self. However, it’s essential to feel comfortable with this investment, ensuring it’s within your means. At TCare Dental Centre, we never pressure patients into receiving care; we want what’s best for you and your smile, and we work tirelessly to help you get the dentistry you need at a price that feels comfortable to you. 

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Smile Makeover

Dr Andrew Nhan Ly and our team at TCare Dental Centre are committed to providing exceptional dental care and transformative solutions like All On X NeoArch Implant. With our expertise and state-of-the-art facilities, you can trust that your dental health is in caring and capable hands. 

We invite you to book a consultation with Dr Andrew Nhan Ly to learn more about All On X NeoArch Implant in Villawood or Campsie, NSW. 

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