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A tooth filling helps fix cavities caused by tooth decay. Often picked up at your routine teeth cleaning and check-up, cavities must be filled as soon as possible to prevent any further damage or pain. At TCare Dental Centre, we offer a range of tooth filling options depending on the severity of the cavity and the required treatment. 

Signs You Need A Tooth Filling

Some early warning signs of cavities and the need for a tooth filling can include: 

  • A toothache, pain or sensitivities to foods that are too hot or cold
  • Pain or sensitivity to pressure or certain foods like sweets
  • Throbbing or sudden pain when chewing food
  • Dark spots on the tooth
  • A hole in the tooth that is visible or can be felt
  • Food consistently getting stuck between certain teeth or floss snagging in a certain spot
  • A feeling of roughness on the tooth
  • A previous filling breaking or getting lost

Cavities are most often a result of tooth decay caused by dental plaque. Dental plaque is a clear film of bacteria that can be found growing on your teeth and, if not removed with regular brushing and flossing, produce acids that make holes in the teeth. As the holes and damage progress, it penetrates to the inner layers of the tooth and eventually the tooth nerve, resulting in a toothache. 

The Tooth Filling Process

A Thorough Examination: At TCare Dental Centre, dentists will do a thorough oral examination during your regular check-up to look for any decay or cavities. With the help of x-rays, we will detect how deep the decay is.

Placing A Tooth Filling: If the cavity is not too deep, our dentists can place a filling that will blend in with your natural teeth. After cleaning out any dirt, debris or plaque present in the filling, the dentist will place a special putty to fill the hole. This putty is cured and lightly polished so that it is smooth and blends in with your teeth. 

If The Cavity Is Deeper: If the cavity is too deep for a filling to fix, your dentist may recommend a crown or a root canal treatment instead.

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At TCare Dental Centre, our qualified, professional dentists will ensure that your tooth decay and cavity woes are a thing of the past. We are proud members of the Australian Dental Association (ADA) membership and are also an accredited dental practice by Quality Innovation Performance (QIP). At TCare Dental Centre, you know that your teeth are looked after by dentists you can trust. 

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