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Dental Onlays: How They Can Improve Your Overall Well Being

Dental onlays may be the best option for you if a significant portion of a tooth needs restoration. Typical cases for dental onlays may be due to a cavity or tooth recession.

There are several restorative options to improve the function of your teeth, but onlays are the perfect middle ground to treat dental issues that are too severe for fillings but not advanced enough to require dental crowns.

Routine dental checkups are important to identify tooth damage and deterioration so that your dentist can recommend dental onlays, dental inlays, or dental crowns. Make sure to schedule regular checkups with your dentist to encourage preventative care and preserve your teeth with the correct restorative procedures.

Continue reading below to learn more about how dental onlays can improve your overall wellbeing.

Extending Tooth Life

Onlays are made from a composite of restorative materials, such as porcelain and resin, that provide strength and durability to a compromised tooth. By substituting the damaged or decayed portion of the tooth with a dental onlay, you can extend the life of the tooth and enjoy improved tooth function. Your dentist may recommend an onlay to prevent tooth extraction so you can preserve your natural teeth.

Long-Lasting Solution

Unlike fillings, which may need to be replaced over the years, onlays fit the tooth perfectly and are cemented in place to create a tight seal, thus eliminating further damage caused by bacteria. Onlays can last a lifetime when cared for properly, which means maintaining good oral hygiene habits and getting routine checkups.

Discreet And Natural-Looking

Our smiles play an important role in our self-confidence, so maintaining aesthetics is an important part of tooth restoration. Fortunately, onlays look and feel completely natural, so you can enjoy beautiful and strong teeth.

Are Dental Onlays The Right Option For You?

If you have experienced some form of tooth damage, such as a cavity, a dental onlay may be a viable restorative option for you. The most important thing is to try to save the natural tooth, and an onlay provides the perfect protective solution.

If you want to know what your tooth restoration options are, then schedule an appointment with TCare Dental Centre for a thorough exam, and we’ll discuss if a dental onlay is right for you. Visit our website today to schedule your consultation.

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