Dental Implant

dental implant

What Are Dental Implants?

dental implant

For those looking to replace missing teeth, digital dental implants are an amazing solution. Digital dental implants are a permanent tooth restoration option that can help fix a range of dental problems. We consider dental implants to be the benchmark when it comes to tooth restoration, mimicking the appearance and function of a healthy, natural tooth in just about every way.

What The Benefits Of Dental Implants?

Digital dental implants are an excellent choice due to the many advantages 

  • Digital dental implants stimulate the jaw bone in the same way a natural tooth would, which promotes healthy bone and prevents periodontal disease
  • Dental implants are a permanent solution with no need to remove and clean any parts or pieces
  • Dental implants are made to suit your mouth and existing teeth, so the colour, shape and fit will blend seamlessly and result in a natural appearance
  • Dental implants are made from strong, durable materials and are not prone to chipping or breaking as long as they are properly cared for

Missing teeth can cause you to lose self-confidence and result in a poor self-image. With digital dental implants from the team at TCare Dental Centre, you will be able to smile with confidence once again.

How Dental Implants Are Done?

Before Your Digital Dental Implant Procedure: First, it’s important to have a consultation with one of our dentists. They will conduct a thorough oral examination along with digital scans and x-rays to evaluate whether you are a good candidate for digital dental implants. If you don’t have enough healthy jaw bone to support the implant, you may need a bone graft procedure.

digital dental implant

Digital Dental Implant Procedure: In place of a natural tooth, a titanium implant is inserted, which will then be left to heal and integrate into the jaw bone. At the next appointment, the second part of the implant is attached (the abutment). An artificial tooth will be created (blending in with your natural teeth as much as possible) and attached permanently to the abutment.

dental implant

After Dental Implant Procedure: One of the perks of dental implants is that they can be cared for in the same way as you would a natural tooth. Our dentists will give you specific aftercare instructions and you are welcome to reach out to the TCare Dental Centre team with any concerns.

What Is Bone Grafting and Sinus Lift for Dental Implants?

For successful dental implant placement, patients need to have enough healthy and stable supportive bone to anchor the dental implants in place. If an insufficient bone is present,  our dentists at TCare Dental Centre may recommend bone grafting or a sinus lift to help the body accommodate dental implants

Bone grafting – Adding donor bone or laboratory-created bone to the maxillary (upper) or lower (mandibular) jaw to increase bone structure for dental implant placement.

Dental Implant

Sinus lift – Also called sinus augmentation, a sinus lift involves lifting the Schneiderian membrane in the maxillary jaw and placing bone grafting material into the jaw to suspend the sinus in place and increase bone structure for dental implant placement.

Sinus Lift

Do Dental Implants Require Special Care?

Dental implants are one of the easiest teeth replacement solutions to maintain as they do not require special care. However, it’s important that you maintain regular oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing your teeth regularly can prevent bacteria and plaque from building up, and minimise the risk of issues arising with your dental implants.

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Why Choose Implants At TCare Dental Centre?

If a dental implant procedure is not done correctly by a qualified professional, there is a high risk of the implant failing, which could result in further dental damages. At TCare Dental Centre, our staff are highly trained and experienced ‒ you will be in good hands. In addition to being a proud member of the Australian Dental Association (ADA), we are an accredited dental practice by Quality Innovation Performance (QIP)

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