Chidren's Dentistry

children dentistry

Good dental hygiene starts at a young age. By bringing your children to visit dentists at TCare Dental Centre, you set them up for a lifetime of good oral hygiene and empower them with the education and knowledge to make informed, responsible decisions when it comes to their oral health as they grow.

Why Children's Dentistry Is Important

Our children’s dentistry services can help with a range of dental issues:

  • Cavities and tooth decay are common in children and are best treated by a dentist.
  • Tooth sensitivity can cause discomfort and pain in children.
  • Dental emergencies should be seen and treated quickly by an experienced dental professional.
  • Paediatric gingivitis and gum disease should be treated early on to prevent long-term damage to the gums and teeth.
  • Orthodontics is a common requirement in children to help treat misalignments, underbites, overbites, etc.
  • Thumb sucking can cause a variety of problems with the mouth and teeth.
  • When baby teeth are lost prematurely, space maintainers can be fitted to ensure that there is enough room for permanent teeth to grow.
children dentistry

At TCare Dental Centre, we want to help children learn about the importance of good oral hygiene so that they can look forward to a future of good oral health. By visiting a dentist with experience in children’s dentistry, you can trust that your children are less likely to develop dental fears and anxieties, as they will have been cared for by a kind, friendly dentist that makes them feel as comfortable as possible.

Preventive Care for Children Dentistry

We provide preventive measures like fluoride treatments and dental sealants because some youngsters are more prone to tooth decay than others. These minimally invasive techniques don’t hurt, don’t involve injections or drilling, and they prevent cavities.

dental sealants

An application of fluoride will keep teeth strong, healthy, and resistant to tooth decay. The rear molars receive dental sealants soon after they erupt. In the deep grooves of those teeth, the sealant acts as a physical barrier to prevent food particles from gathering and germs from colonising.

Space Maintainers for Children Dentistry

At TCare Dental Centre, we have oral appliances called as space maintainers that are used for young children that can assist in guiding the permanent teeth into erupting appropriately if children lose a tooth prematurely or have to have a baby (primary) tooth pulled owing to dental decay. This frequently helps to shorten the length of any future orthodontic treatment that may be required.

children dentistry

A space maintainer is a device that is created specifically for each patient by a dentist or orthodontist out of acrylic or metal. It may be either removably attached to the child’s teeth or permanently fixed. Its goal is to maintain the opening necessary for the eruption and placement of the permanent tooth.


When Should A Child First Visit The Dentist?

Children can start seeing the dentist as early as when their baby teeth first emerge. Many people may be surprised that we recommend children as young as 1-year old come in for check-ups, but it’s never too early to start taking care of their teeth. Early visits to the dentist can ensure that any dental problems are detected and addressed before any damage can be done to the teeth. It can also help ensure that parents and children have the right dental education to take care of little teeth from the moment they appear.

Dentist At TCare Dental Centre Put A Smile On Kids' Faces

The team at TCare Dental Centre believes that early dental visits can help ensure that any issues likely to pop up, such as tooth decay and grinding, can be addressed before they impact permanent teeth. As members of the Australian Dental Association (ADA) and an accredited dental practice by Quality Innovation Performance (QIP), you can trust that your children’s smiles are in good hands.

children dentistry

A Relaxed Environment: We aim to make your children feel comfortable from the moment they step into our clinic. The interior has been specifically designed to make all our patients feel welcome, no matter how old or young they may be.

Dental Hygiene Education: Arming your children with the knowledge and tools they need will ensure that they have the ability to take proper care of their own teeth from a young age.

Friendly, Approachable Staff: Every member of the TCare Dental Centre team works to make your (and your children’s) visit as pleasant as possible. With highly trained, qualified staff who are welcoming and friendly, you’ll be more than happy to return for your next trip to the dentist.

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